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Unit 1

欢迎回校 welcome back to school 准时 on time

教师节快乐 happy Teachers' Day 儿童节 Children's Day

妇女节 Women's Day 值日 on duty

有趣地做某事have fun doing something给某人点名 call one's name

向某人致以…最好的祝愿 best wishes to sb. for sth.

作演讲 give a talk 在课上 in Class

考虑 think about 有个好主意 have a good idea

谈论 talk about 听磁带 listen to the tape

与……不同 be different from … ……的简称 be short for …

family name 全名 full name

填充表格 fill in the form 为某人做张卡片 make sb a card

为某人买东西 buy sth for sb 中国人民 Chinese people

对某人友好 be friendly to sb 听起来像 sound like

浪费(白费)时间 a waste of time 、不得不;必须 have to

排在第一/最后 come first /last 想要做,努力做 try to do

了解很多有关……的情况 know a lot about…

帮他想一个名字 help him (to) think of a name

交通繁忙 the traffic is bad

Unit 2

去野外旅行 go on a field trip 去钓鱼 go fishing

去划船 go beating 去徒步旅行 go hiking

后天 the day after tomorrow 同意某人的观点 agree with sb

擅长做某事 be good at doing sth 不同种的鱼 different kinds of fish

去野餐 go on a picnic 走错路 go the wrong way

被某人的鞋绊倒 trip over one's shoes 山顶 the top of a mountain

赶紧 hurry up ! 好好休息 have a good rest

做某事有些困难 have some problems / difficulty / trouble (in) doing sth

前天 the day before yesterday 把某物带在身边 take sth with sb.

想做某事 want to do sth. /would like to do sth .

一种新水果 a new kind of fruit 开头两行 first two lines

下周 next week 把某人带到某处 take/get sb to sw

进课堂 go into / to class 第一个做某事 be the first (one) to do sth

徒步到山顶 hike to the top of the mountain

即将到来的野外旅游the coming field trip

Unit 3

有空 be free 明晚 tomorrow evening

在中秋节 on Mid-autumn Festival 吃一顿丰盛的饭菜 eat / have a big dinner

顺便来访 come over 明天见 see you tomorrow

更多地了解中国 know more about China相聚 get together

在一年的这个时候 at this time of year 谈论 talk about

在户外;在野外 in the open air 尝起来像 taste like

(给某人)讲故事 tell (sb) a story 为什么,为何目的 what … for

谢谢你邀请我 Thanks for asking / having / inviting me

庆祝丰收 celebrate the harvest 大得多 much bigger

有点儿象… a little like… 尝一尝 have a taste

Unit 4

在农场 on the farm 等某人 wait for sb.

喂动物 feed the animal 干农活 do farm work

在春天 in spring 种植大米和小麦 grow rice and wheat

在城市 in the city 在农村 in the country

在镇上 in town 在镇外 be out of town

同意某人的观点, 适合,与……一致 agree with sb

在……方面帮助某人 help sb with sth 采玉米后 after picking corn

在大学 in college 上大学 go to college

比较喜欢 like better 最喜欢 like best

回到家 get home

学习更多的农业知识 learn more about farming

Unit 5

与……说话 speak to sb 没有事 nothing much

海豚表演 a dolphin show 没问题 No problem

怎么了? What's up? / What’s happened? /What’s the matter?

在陆地上 on land 把时间定在五点半 make it half past five

在水里 in water 在假日里 on holidays

许多其它的动物 many other animals 呆在笼里 stay in cages

对…… 有益 be good for …… 无所事事 have nothing to do

一圈一圈的走 walk round and round 为…感到遗憾/难过, 同情……feel sorry for…

玩球 play with a ball 掉入水中 fall into the water

早点儿回来 come back a little earlier 工作必须放在首位 Work must come first

海鲜饺子 dumplings with seafood 向某人问好 say hello to sb

在…的背上 on the back of 买(划)船的票 buy tickets for boating

了解 have some idea(s) about…… / know about……

Unit 6

在左边 on the left 在右边 on the right

去不同的地方 go to different places 这儿四周 near here

沿着这条路走 walk along this road 需要帮助 need some help

在第四个转弯处向左拐 take the fourth turning on the left

乘公共汽车 catch a bus 喜爱玩这个游戏 love to play this game

像这样做 like this 站成一排 stand in a row

在前排 in the front row 在后排 in the back row

紧挨着 next to 擅长认地图 be good at reading maps

最好做某事 had better do sth

Unit 7

住在一座高楼上 live in a tall building 在多伦多市 in the city of Toronto

住在第15层 live on the fifteenth floor 去购物 go shopping

使用电梯上上下下 use a lift to go up and down

把他带到第一层 take him down to the first floor

做相同的事情 do the same thing 在城市篮球队 on the city basketball team

走进电梯 get into the lift 走出电梯 get out of the lift

乘第11路车 catch the No.11 bus 在购物中心 at the shopping centre

让我在地图上指给你看 Let me show you on the map

一个叫Tom的小男孩 a little boy called Tom

最喜欢的体育明星/歌星 one’s favourite sports /singing star

Unit 8

保持健康 keep healthy 离开 / 缺席 be away

开会 have a meeting 三天前 three days ago

在同一时刻 at the same time 长大 grow up

举行篮球赛 have a basketball match 顺便问一下 by the way

做早操 do morning exercises 做眼保健操 do eye exercises

刚才 a moment ago/ just now 打电话 make telephone calls

半小时之前 half an hour ago 有一个长假 have a long holiday

坚持记日记 keep a diary 某物有问题 have a problem with sth

吃清淡的早餐 have a light breakfast 分秒必争 every minute counts

Unit 9

打包 pack one’s bags 求助于某人 ask sb for help

散步 go for a walk 向某人辞行 say goodbye to sb

做完某事 finish doing sth 和某人交谈 talk to / with sb

祝你在… (方面)有好运 good luck to you with sth

出生 be born 起先 at first

在早餐时 at breakfast 读晨报 read a morning paper /newspaper

在会议上 at a / the meeting 离家 leave home

大部分课程 most of the lessons 飞往北京 fly to Beijing

迁移到某地 move to sw 喜爱做某事 enjoy doing sth

对某人了如指掌 know everything about sb 一直,始终 all the time

Unit 10

中心电视台的一名记者 a journalist from CCTV

某人第一次访问中国 one’s first visit to China

大多数瑞典人 most Swedish people 许多国家的人 people in many countries

昨天晚上 last night /yesterday evening 在音乐会上 at the concert

他们中的大多数 most of them 在……的中间 in the middle of …

上上下下地跳 jump up and down 带他去医院 take him to( the) hospital

在音乐会结束的时候 at the end of the concert

乘飞机去那儿 go there by plane 用英文唱一首歌 sing a song in English

开音乐会 give a concert 超过 more than

倒下、跌倒 fall down 继续 go on

在……结尾 at the end of …… 匆匆忙忙地 in a hurry

结婚 get married 出发 start / set off

在一个大的汽车制造厂 in a big car factory 拉住某人的手 take sb by the hand

Unit 11

终年\ 一年到头 all the year round 在一年的这个时候 at this time of year

变得更暖和 get warmer 出来 come out

堆雪人 make snowmen 在….(方面)帮助某人 help sb with sth

中国的天气 the weather in China 持续 last from …… to ……

找出这个问题的答案 find out the answer to this question

在三月下旬 in late March 在春季 in spring

需要做某事 need to do sth 在星期三 on Wednesday

你说话的口音 the way you speak 在中国许多地区 in much of China

在一年中不好的时候 at a bad time of year

与……有很大不同 be very different from…

对……有益/害 be good /bad for… 待……好/ 不好 be good / bad to…

Unit 12

恐怕 be afraid. 在中国的西部 in the west of China

过得快活 have a great /good time ; enjoy oneself ;play happily

在华北 in North China 有时,时常 at times

在淮河以北 to the north of the Huai River 阳光充足 a lot of sunshine

保持0度以上 stay above zero 降至0度以下 fall below zero

持久 last long 白天晚些时候(傍晚)later in the day

过后 later on 在雨天 on rainy days

在雪地里 in the snow 最好做某事 had better do sth

打电话 ring up 和某人一起玩 play with sb

一场大雨(雪)a heavy rain/ snow 下大雨(雪) rain/snow heavily/hard

一场大风 a strong wind 刮大风 blow strongly

未来24小时天气预告 a weather report for the next 24 hours

谢谢你的收听 Thank you for listening. 在操场上 on the playground

在白天 in the daytime 在夜间 at night

快来 come on

Unit 13

开一个聚会 have a party 给你的一张票 a ticket for you

有空 be free 确信 be sure.

我很乐意 I'd love to 去电影院 go to the cinema

谢谢你邀请我 Thank you for inviting me请稍等 hold on ,please

在盘子里 on the plate 把……翻过来 turn … over

和……相同 the same as … 取出 take/ bring out

(替某人)捎口信给某人 take a message for sb留言 leave a message

把口信代给某人 give the message to sb / give sb the message

接电话 answer the telephone 乐意做某事 be ready to do sth

Unit 14

写下 write down 上学/班迟到 be late for school/ work

来吃晚饭 come for dinner 日常英语 everyday English

自取 help oneself to 寒假 winter holiday(s)

春节 (the) Spring Festival 上演戏剧 put on plays

努力学习 work hard 下周 next week

在学期末 at the end of the term 马年 the year of horse

Unit 15

快餐 fast food 在世界上 in the world

中国清茶 Chinese tea without anything in it / Chinese tea with nothing in it

外卖食品、熟食 take-away food 家常做法 home cooking

在野外、在户外 in the open air 辣的食品 hot food

对健康有益 be good for health 去购物 go shopping

在工作日 on weekdays 大扫除 do some cleaning

在周末 at the weekend 做点家务活儿 do a bit of housework

因……而闻名 be famous for 既不……也不…… neither… nor…

或者……或者…… either… or… 各种各样的…… all kinds of …

就坐 take a seat 点菜 take one’s order

在桌旁 at the table 在进餐 at table

买单,付帐 have the bill

Unit 16

去图书馆的路 the way to the library 向右拐 turn right

在第二个十字路 at the second crossing 过 go across the bridge

音像店 a video shop 在街角处 at a street corner

住院 be in hospital 在路的尽头 at the end of the road

半小时 half an hour 乘公共汽车 catch / take a bus

小心 be careful 红绿灯、交通灯 traffic lights

男/女厕所 men's / ladies’ room 在……途中 on one's way to …

及时 in time 往……走去 make one's way to

迷失(道路) be / get lost 正在那时 just then

首先;第一 first of all 走错路 go wrong

等某人 wait for sb 环顾四面 look around

花太久的时间 take long 在路的另一边 on the other side of the road

你不会找不到的 You can’t miss it. 五分钟的路程(步行)five minutes’ walk

在右手边 on the right-hand side

Unit 17

横穿马路 cross the road 上下车 get on / off the bus

左顾右盼 look left and right 站队 stand in line

吵闹 make a noise 等待某人的轮次 wait for one's turn

轮到某人 be one’s turn 在队伍的前头 at the head of the queue

插队的人 a queue jumper 插队 jump the queue

嘲笑某人 laugh at sb 因某事而发笑 laugh at sth

实际上 in fact 和某人争吵 quarrel with sb

在半夜 at midnight 乱丢某物 throw about sth

看病 see the/a doctor 呆在床上 stay in bed

在医务室 at the doctor’s 预备上学 get ready for school

捣乱,制造麻烦 make trouble 保持快乐 stay / keep hapy

Unit 18

感冒 have a cold 头痛 have a headache

咳嗽得很厉害 have a terrible cough 醒来;唤醒 wake up

入睡 fall asleep/go to sleep 醒着的 be awake

再三地,反复地 again and again 代替 instead of

(仔细)检查 look over 做运动 take exercise/ do sport

好好休息 have a good rest 给某人量体温 take one's temperature

对……有益 be good for …… 尽力放松 try to relax

听音乐 listen to music 每5分钟 every five minutes

每隔一年 every other year 下沉 go down

梦到…… dream about… 感到更累 feel more tired

忙于做某事 be busy doing sth 进行充分的锻炼 take enough exercise

Unit 19

在周末 at the weekend 一大早 early in the morning

在学校大门口 at the school gate 别迟到 Don't be late

准时 on time 登上岛屿 land on the island

把……从水中拉上来 pull sth up from the water

把……拉出水面 pull sth out of the water

环顾岛屿 look around the island 周游岛屿 walk around the island

不再 no longer / not… any longer / not… any more / no more

取回某物 get sth back 迟早 sooner or later

逃跑 run away 单独,全靠某人自己 all by oneself

感到有点害怕feel a little afraid 出去散步 go out for a walk

吃光;吃完 eat up 拍照 take photos /pictures

Unit 20

过一个愉快的周末 have a nice weekend 看上去很着急 look worried

颐和园 the Summer Palace 开(关)收音机 turn on the radio

照料 take care of / look after 过了一会儿 after a while

做鬼脸 make faces/ a face 让某人单独留下 leave one by oneself

半小时后 half an hour later 哭得越来越厉害 cry harder and harder

听音乐 listen to( the) music 笑个不停 laugh and laugh

你真行 You’re great. 做各种各样的事 do all kinds of things

自学 teach oneself 倒立 stand on one's head

跳进水中 jump into the water 走开 go / walk away

在末尾 in the end 不得不 have to

我希望这样 I hope so. 朝……里看 look into…

说完 with these words

Unit 21

从某人的自行车上跌下来 fall off one's bike

弹钢琴 play the piano 一首乐曲 a piece of music

音乐会的票 the tickets to the concert 在微弱的烛光下 in the dim candle light

找出;查明 find out 敲门 knock at / on the door

令某人惊奇的是 to one's surprise 抬头看 look up

过来;随同 come along 写下 write down

回到家 go back home 自言自语 say to oneself

讲故事 tell a story 照顾某人自己 look after oneself

沉浸/沉醉在……中,沉迷于…… lose oneself in…

随便吃/用 help oneself 透过窗户 through the window

抬头望着天空 look up to the sky 对着月光 to the moonlight

买不起某物 can’t afford (to buy) sth

Unit 22

举行运动会 hold a sports meeting 积极参加 take an active part in

跳高 (the) high jump 跳得高 jump high

跳远 (the) long jump 跳得远 jump far

真倒霉 bad luck 尽力 do one’s best

轮流做某事 take turns to do sth 在起跑线上 at the starting line

把某物传给某人 pass sth on to sb 赶上某人 catch up with sb

在第一圈中 on the first lap 领先 be in front

并驾并驱,齐头并进 be neck and neck 接力赛 the relay race

在同一时刻 at the same time 加油,赶紧 come on

片刻之后 a moment later 继续做某事 go on doing sth

做得好 well done 与… 一样 as… as

与……不一样 not as… as / not so… as

向获胜者祝贺 congratulations to the winners

穿过终点线 pass/ past the finishing line

Unit 23

对……感爱好 be interested in …… 看一看 have a look

在将来 in the future 以后,今后 in future

最后、终于 in the end / at last 算出、制定出 work out

与某人开玩笑 play a joke on sb 在起居室里 in the living room

看书 read a book 进来 come in

在世界上 in the world 用新方法 in new ways

我的一些同学 some of my classmates 在那时候 at that time

作演讲 give a lecture 打算、计划做某事 plan to do sth

父亲节 Father’s Day 母亲节 Mother’s Day

喜爱做某事 enjoy doing sth / like doing sth / like to do sth

他的一个朋友 a friend of his / one of his friends

以…(价钱)把某物卖出去 sell sth for …….(money)

捐赠 give away

Unit 24

与某人相处融洽 get on well with sb 与某人相处 get on with sb

某事的进展 get on with sth 脱下(衣、帽、鞋等)take off

对某人发脾气 be angry with 像平常一样 as usual

厌倦 be fed up with 敲门声 a knock on / at the door

一双鞋 a pair of shoes 楼上的人 the man upstairs

面带微笑 with a smile on one's face 感到疲惫 feel tired

打排球 play volleyball 看报 read a newspaper

楼上的人 the man upstairs 向窗外看 look out of the window

入睡 fall asleep / get to sleep 一把剪刀 a pair of scissors

在不同的时间 at different times 把某物还给某人 return sth to sb/ return sb sth

Unit 25

马上、马上 at once 弹钢琴 play the piano

一则交通事故 a traffic accident 从拐角处绕过来 come round the corner

从卡车上掉下来 fall off the truck 在路的中心 in the middle of the road

挡住车辆行驶 stop the traffic 学校门卫室 the school gatekeeper’s room

引起事故 cause an accident 你真是太好了 It's really nice of you.

和某人一起去 go with sb 报警 call the police

严重受伤 be badly hurt 在某人回家的路上 on one's way back home

担心 be worried about 挤在某人四周 crowd round sb

恢复交通 let the traffic go again 某人发生某事 sth happens to sb

赶紧 hurry up 匆匆离去 hurry off

尽快 as quickly /soon as one can; as quickly / soon as possible

给某人人工呼吸 give sb mouth-to-mouth breathing

清醒 come to oneself

Unit 26

此刻 at the moment 出发;动身 set off

到处;处处 here and there 值班的人 the man on watch

过得快活 enjoy oneself 留神;注重 look out

停下来 come to a stop 给某人腾出地方 make room for sb

坐某人的座位;代替某人的职务 take one's place

进入救生艇 get into the lifeboats 例如 for example

沉入大海 sink into the sea 失去生命 lose one's lives

请两天病假 ask for two days’ sick leave 病假条 a note for sick leave

一直,总是 all the time 跳起来 jump up

查字典 look up a word in the dictionary

顺便问一下 by the way 下蛋 lay eggs

踮着脚趾 stand on one’s toes 高昂着头 hold one’s head in the air


Unit 1

过去经常做某事 used to do sth 习惯做某事 be used to doing sth

激光唱机 a CD player 输入 put into

聚精会神于……中 put one’s heart into 想出、提供 come up with

拾起某物 pick up sth 向某人借某物 borrow sth from sb

把某物借给某人 lend sb sth/lend sth to sb 带给某人知识 give sb knowledge

在校园内的室外 outside in the schoolyard 忘记要做某事 forget to do sth

忘记曾经做过的事 forget doing sth 第二天 the next day

上一周 last week 几天以后 several days later

迟早 sooner or later 更糟糕的是 what be worse

为……而付款 pay for… 所借的书 borrowed books

在国外 be abroad 整理床铺 make the bed

把某物归还给某人 return sth to sb 从某人处得到某物get sth from sb

顺手拿走、偷走 walk away with 鼓励某人做某事 encourage ab to do sth

Unit 2

水上运动 water sports 一天三次 three times a day

尝试 have a try / want a go 遍及全世界 all over the world

许许多多、大量 a large number of 一年到头,终年 all the year round

不管 no matter 放弃做某事 give up doing sth

放弃工作 give up one’s job 以冲浪为生 live to surf

看起来令人兴奋 look exciting 因……而闻名 be famous for

在A和B之间 between A and B 例如 for example

从那时起 ever since 打零工 a part-time assistant

休息一晚 have a night off 使某人愉快(开心)make sb fit

乐趣无穷 such great fun 动身去某地 leave for sw.

一等奖 first prize 冲浪竞赛 a surfing competition

奥林匹克运动会 Olympic Games 出差,因公 on business

时光飞逝,光阴似箭,日月如梭 (How) time flies!

迄今为止 so far 到某处旅游 travel to sw.

试着做某事 trying doing sth 尽力做某事 try to do sth

一个十二岁的男孩 a 12-year-old boy / a boy of 12 实现 come true

走进、踏入 step into 减速 slow down

又过了两个小时 another two hours 高度赞扬 speak highly of

因……感到自豪 be proud of doing sth / be proud to do sth

是…..的骄傲 be the pride of sb

Unit 3

造纸厂 a paper factory 找出、查明 find out

倾倒, 倒入 pour… into 污水、废水 waste water

害怕某事(物) be afraid of sth 害怕做某事 be afraid of doing sth

传到某人耳中 come to one’s ears 将某物投入 throw sth in

将某物投入某处 throw sth into sw. 帮助做某事 help (to) do sth

保持城市整洁 keep the city clean 保护环境 protect the environment

绿化中国 Greener China 乱丢某物 litter / throw sth about

以……为根据 base on /be based on 在公共场所吐痰 spit in a public place

为干某事而做出(巨大)贡献 make a (great) contribution to doing sth

砍伐 cut down 收垃圾的车 a truck collecting rubbish

Unit 4

尽快 as soon/quickly as possible; as soon /quickly as one can

现在 right now 乘飞机旅行 travel by plane/ air

匆匆行程 a rushed trip 火车旅途 a train ride

打的前往 take a taxi to 卧铺车箱 a sleeping car

四处走走 walk around 感到疲惫 feel tired

打牌 play cards 一直不断干某事 keep doing sth

不断老是做某事 keep on doing sth 为某人提供某物 offer sb sth

练习干某事 practise doing sth 很快睡熟了 fall fast asleep

持久 last long 持续一段时间 last for some time

旅行 go on a trip/ have a trip / be on a trip 拍照 take photos / pictures

赶紧 hurry up 在某人一生中 in one’s life

留言 leave a message 冲洗, 显影 come out

Unit 5

过来、加油 come on 开家庭会议 have a family meeting

谈论 talk about 去度假 go for a holiday / go on holiday

决定干某事 decide to do sth 潜水 scuba diving

在因特网上 on the Internet 上网查寻 search the Internet

双击左键 double left click 因特网图标 the Internet icon

键入网址 type in the Website 按回车键 press the enter button

花市 a flower market 驯鹿公园 a deer park

单程 one-way trip 往返双程 round trip

珊瑚礁 coral reefs 快速列车 a fast train

向前走 walk along 照直走 go straight along

请稍等 just / wait a minute

Unit 6

报警 call the police 出事故 have an accident

去冲浪 go surfing 骑马 ride a horse

拜访某人 visit sb 答应某人做某事 allow sb to do sth

使它成为可能 make it possible 水下呼吸器 the scuba machine

对……感爱好 be interested in 摄像 make videos

制作电视节目 make a TV show 对……感到惊奇 be amazed /surprised at

保护环境 save /protect the environment 保持某物清洁 keep sth clean

清理、打扫 clean up 鼓励某人干某事 encourage sb to do sth

参加……活动 take part in sth /doing sth 长达…… as long as…

在世界上 on earth / in the world 以……为生、为主食 feed on…

在沙滩上 on the beaches 警告某人做某事 warn sb to do sth

去看望、拜访某人go to visit sb 走出 get out of

就这么定了。 That’s a deal.

Unit 7

能 be able to 持续做…… keep doing sth

让某人持续做某事 keep sb doing sth 操作、从事、致力于…… work on sth

改变世界 change the world 试验新的想法(创新)try out new ideas

在校上学 be in school 与……无/有关 have nothing / something to do with…

对……感爱好 be interested in 在12岁时 at the age of 12

铁轨 railway tracks 冲过去 rush out

把孩子抱到安全地带carry the boy to safety 如此……以致…… so… that…

对……评价高,看重 think a lot of 考虑、关心 think of

开发 open up 关小 turn down

开大 turn up 毕业于…… graduate from…

值得做 be worth doing 保持忙碌 keep busy

把某人带回家 take sb home 生活的一个新开端 a new start in life

某人大半生 most of one’s lifetime 对某人布满信心 have confidence in sb

想要做某事 feel like doing sth / would like to do sth / want to do sth

计划做某事 plan to do sth

Unit 8

实现 come true 快来 come on

砍伐 cut down 挂上、张贴 put up

在……顶部 on top of / at the top of 团聚 get together

挨家挨户 from house to house 圣诞颂歌 Christmas songs

圣诞精神 the spirit of Christmas 在圣诞除夕 on Christmas Eve

在圣诞节 on Christmas Day 在床头边 at the end of the bed

圣诞老人 Father Christmas 在夜间 during the night

也 as well 好心的人 a kind-hearted man

顺着爬下来 climb down 把……装上 fill… with…

以……为根据 base on /be based on 穷人 the poor

扔下 drop down 尽管、即使 even though

不再 no longer / not any longer / no more / not any more

某人慷慨大方的精神 one’s spirit of generosity

继续活着 live on 迫不及待干某事 can’t wait to do sth

圣诞快乐 Merry Christmas 在西方国家 in western countries

春节 (the) Spring Festival 用不同的方式 in different ways

从前 once upon a time 讲述 tell of (about)

向某人讲述某事 tell sb of (about) sth 生孩子 give birth to

Unit 9

毛笔 a writing brush 由……制成 be made of (from)

被用来 be used for 保暖 keep warm

寄信 send a letter 开锁门 open and lock a door

在世界上 in the world / on earth 成群的人 groups of people

一群鸟 a group of birds 一百万或更多 one million or more

当然 of course 说得最广泛 be the most widely spoken

使用很广泛 be used very widely 作为一门外语 as a foreign language

在世界上其他许多国家 in many other countries of the world

在当今世界上, 在现代社会中 in the modern world

把……当作……用 be used as …

广泛使用于商业事务中 be widely used for business

向某人买某物 buy sth from sb 把某物卖给某人 sell sth to sb

大多数商业信件most business letters 在世界范围内 around the world

打电话 make a telephone call 数码相机 a digital camera

在另一方面 on the other hand 一套…… a set of

Unit 10

在城里 be in town 在城外 be out of town

展览、陈列 on show / on display 数百年前 hundreds of years ago

看一看 have a look 到某地参观 a visit to sw

在20世纪20年代 in the 1920s 很久以前 long ago / long before

下蛋 lay eggs 不久以后 before long

人类 humans / human beings / man 真遗憾 That’s /What a pity.

被……覆盖 be covered with 有羽毛的恐龙 a feathered dinosaur

在将来 in the future 研究恐龙 study dinosaurs

查字典 look up sth in a /the dictionary 禁止吸烟 No smoking.

禁止拍照 No photos. 禁止停车 No parking

有三只腿的杯子 a cup with three legs / a three legged cup

在旧社会 in the old days 上酒 serve wine

使茶保温 keep tea warm 被装上、填上 be filled with

一群、一组 a group of 损坏 break down

营业时间 business time 切勿倒置 This side up

Unit 11

植树节 Tree Planting Day 植树 plant trees

正好 just right 既不……也不 neither… nor…

把……插进 knock… into 务必、确保、一定 make sure

在……旁边 next to 以便 so that

把……用力踩实 push sth down hard 把……系在 tie …to

使它立直 keep it straight 在绿色的长城 on the Great Green Wall

流失、跑走 run away 冲走 wash away

阻止、防止某人做某事 stop / prevent sb (from) doing sth ; keep sb from doing sth

雨滴 rain drops 直接冲击土壤 hit the soil directly

多亏、由于 thanks to / because of 落叶 dead leaves

数百万个 millions of 这一次 this time

其他许多人 many other people 在这些树苗中 among the young trees

多多益善 The more, the better 再过几年,几年以后 in a few years’ time

指向 point to 远处 far away

用这种方法 in this way 上交 hand in

或多或少、 差不多 more or less 避开,防止 keep off

Unit 12

给某人发一份电子邮件 send sb an e-mail / send an e-mail to sb

把信息输入到电脑 put information into the computer

电脑迷 a computer fan 谈论 talk about

绕……转 travel around 在太空 in space

发射 send up 一直 all the time

无人驾驶的宇宙飞船 spaceships without people

把……发射到太空 sent sth up into space

收发信息 send and receive messages

在……的帮助下 with one’s help / with the help of

在世界的另一面 on the other side of the world

向……打电话 make a telephone call to…

不同国家的人们 people from different countries

更好地相互了解 understand each other better

输入 put into 关上 shut down

拖延、延期 put off 一心想做 set one’s mind to do

到目前为止 so far / by now / up to now 编造 make up

有关……方面的知识knowledge of … 数百\几百 hundreds of

数千、成千上万 thousands of 数万、几万 tens of thousands of

数百万/ 几百万 /无数的 millions of

Unit 13

下降、放慢、减速 slow down 世界人口 the word’s population

增加了…… increase by… 增加到…… increase to…

继续 go on 一小时又一小时 hour after hour

年复一年 year after year A 乘以B A multiplied by B

越来越快 faster and faster 平方米 square meter

在……之初 at the beginning of… 以……开头/结尾 start / end with…

在二十世纪 in the twentieth century 到2010年为止 by the year 2010

只有立足之地 standing room only 发达的国家 developed countries

发展中国家 developing countries 同意某人的意见 agree with sb

价格贵 cost much 价格便宜 cost little

宁愿……也不…… prefer to do sth rather than do sth

prefer to do sth instead of doing sth

prefer doing sth to doing sth

would rather do sth than do sth

值得做 be worth doing

Unit 14

把……穿旧 wear out 精疲力竭 wear out

一双新网球鞋 a new pair of tennis shoes 试穿 try on

有点儿贵 a little / a bit expensive 深蓝色 dark blue

浅绿色 light green 参加学校旅行 on a school trip

检查 check out 做出决定 make a decision

信用卡 a credit card 名胜 places of interest

放下 drop off 匆匆忙忙 in a hurry

复习、过一遍、仔细查看 go over 考虑 think about / of

一点儿也不 not a bit / not … at all 非常 not a little

京剧 Peking Opera 人民大会堂 the Great Hall of the People

故宫博物馆 the Palace Museum 也 as well

整个下午 the whole afternoon 在小船上 in a boat

听到某人在做某事 hear sb doing sth 听起来很美丽 sound very beautiful

天安门广场 Tian’anmen Square 靠近 close to

叫人做某事 have sth done 颐和园 the Summer Palace

上网 get on line 网上购物 shopping / buy sth on line

永远 for ever 犯错误 make a mistake /mistakes

淋湿、弄湿 get wet 做某事感到兴奋(激动)be excited about doing sth

物美价廉offer the most at the best price 似乎、好象做…… seem to do sth

按照正确的顺序 in the right order 放下 drop off / put down

接近于……,和……联系密切 be close to…

Unit 15

兽医 an animal doctor / a doctor for animals 对某人来说 to sb

感到减少孤独感 feel less lonely 使你大笑 make you laugh

长大、成长 grow up 毕业于…… graduate from…

下定决心 make up one’s mind 上大学 go to college

继续教育 continue one’s education 找到工作 find a job

在农村 in the country 把……看作 have / regard / look on… as

起先、当初 at first 嘲笑某人 laugh at sb

病狗 a sick dog 养狗 keep dogs

在某人一生中in one’s life 无论、不管 no matter

儿童科医生 a doctor for children /a children’s doctor 似乎 as if

吃药 take / have (some)medicine 睡着 be asleep

忙于做某事 be busy doing / with sth 在风暴中 in a storm

在海上 at sea 折成两段 break in two

在……的边缘 on the edge of 把……扔到 drop… to…

对某人高喊 shout to sb 跳到……里 jump into…

跳出…… jump out of… 报警 call the police

半小时后 half an hour later 至少、起码 at least

手机 a mobile phone 打针 get an injection

摇尾巴 wag one’s tail

让(使)某人做某事 let / make / have sb do sth

Unit 16

打赢某人 beat sb 一个大比分 a big score

在一场激动人心的比赛中 in an exciting match

在最后十分钟内in the last fifteen minutes输给某人 lose to sb

令人吃惊的结果 in a surprising result 到……的时候 by the time

中场球员 a mid-field player 感到有点儿紧张 feel a bit nervous

越来越自信 more and more confident 在上(下)半场 in the first /second half

首先得分 the first to score 结果 as a result

继续开展,进行下去carry on doing / with sth 写出 write out

对……满足 be pleased with 一场大型的比赛 a great match

一场乏味的比赛 a boring match 生某人的气 be angry with sb

(液体)溢出、(人群)涌出spill out 现在、此刻 at the moment

有机会 have a chance 从现在起 from now on

保持传球 keep passing the ball 受伤 get hurt

前卫 mid-field player 理所应当做某事 deserve to do sth

右上角 the top right-hand corner 做份内的事,尽职 do one’s job

期望做某事 expect to do sth

Unit 17

举手 hands up 操作电脑 work at the computer

浇花 water the flowers 求助 ask for help

谢谢你的到来 Thank you for coming 下来 come down

没有必要做某事There is no need to do sth某人需要做某事 sb needs to do sth

某事需要做Sth needs to be done / need doing 需要某人做某事 need sb to do sth

逃跑 run away 归还 give back

侦察片 a detective film 丢失的项链 the missing necklace

Unit 18

在咖啡店 at a coffee shop 生某事的气 be angry about / at sth

对某人生气 get angry with / at sb ; be angry with sb

忙着做某事 be busy doing / with sth 忘记要做某事 forget to do sth

忘记曾做过某事 forget doing sth 火车站 a / the railway station

许多年以后 many years later 存钱,省钱 save one’s money

解决,做出 work out 交通堵塞 a big traffic jam

碰头 bang one’s head 消失在……中 disappear into …

……的极顶 the summit of… 对某人心存感激 be grateful to sb.


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