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            Written by Xu Jianjun
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1.Most countries use satellites to send and r______ messages.
2.Haven’t you seen the s______ “NO PARKING” here?
3.There is a river going t______ the small village.
4.We are i______ in reading the books by Mark Twain.
5.I found a wallet l______ on the ground, and there was lots of money in it.
6.In China schools begin in ______(九月) every year.
7.I think chemistry is one of the most popular ______ (科目) to us.
8.The ______(三十) lesson is the most difficult in book Ⅲ.
9.Haikou is the ______(省会) of Hainan Province.
10.Let me teach you how to search the ______(因特网).
1.An ordinary camera is not as expensive as a digital camera.
  A digital camera is ______ expensive ______an ordinary camera.
2.It seems that Jim is angry.
  Jim ______ ______ be angry.
3.Miyoko has worn out her new leather tennis shoes.
  Miyoko’s new leather tennis shoes ______ ______ out.
4.The heavy snow kept the visitors staying on the top of the mountain.
  The visitors were stopped ______ ______ the top of the mountain.
5.It took me half an hour to mend my bike.
  I ______ half an hour ______ my bike.
(   )1.I’d like Chinese tea ____ nothing in it.
A. with  B. in  C. on  D. for
(   )2.Mike is ____ American boy. He studies in ____ university in Nanjing.
A. the, a   B. a, a   C. an, a   D. an, an
(   )3.The ____you eat, the ____your health will be.
A. little, good  B. few, good  C. less, better  D. fewer, better
(   )4.The window was broken. Try to ____who has broken it.
A. find  B. look  C. find out  D. look for
(   )5.Before buying a new hat, you should ____.
A. try on it  B. try it on  C. put it on  D. take it off
(   )6.When you see the sign “EXIT” at the cinema you can ____.
A. go out from here  B. push the door  C. park your car  D. go into it from here
(   )7.____of her parents is reading newspapers.
A. All  B. Both  C. Neither  D. None
(   )8.—____is Sydney from Beijing?  —10,400 kilometres away.
A. How long  B. How soon  C. How far  D. How often  
(   )9.They ____more 3,500 trees by last spring. They said they ____more the next year.
A. have planted, will plant   B. had planted, will plant
C. planted, would plant      D. had planted, would plant
(   )10.He prefers ____at home reading rather than ____out shopping on Sundays.
A. to stay, going  B. to say, go  C. staying, go  D. staying, to go
(   )11.I’m afraid there is ____for all of us in the hall.
A. not many rooms  B. no enough room  C. no rooms  D. not enough room
(   )12.I’m sorry, I can ____remember your telephone number.
A. impossible  B. hardly  C. really  D. surely
(   )13.Our teachers seemed very ____what we had done.
A. pleased with  B. pleased at   C. pleaded for  D. pleasing with
(   )14.It was ____bad weather that we all had to stay at home.
A. such  B. so  C. very  D. rather
(   )15.His sheep ____while he was sleeping. He didn’t know who stole them.
A. was stolen  B. is stolen  C. stole  D. were stolen
(   )16.Will you please tell me ____?
A. where Nancy is from     B. what does Nancy do  
C. where is Nancy working  D. what does Nancy like best
(   )17.—Excuse me. May I ask you a question?    —____.
A. Never mind.  B. Of course.  C. Not at all.  D. You may.
(   )18.—Shall we go skating tomorrow?  —____.
A. You are all right.   B. It’s very kind of you.  C. You are right.  D. That’s a good idea.
(   )19.—Your ticket, please.  —____.
A. I’ll show you.  B. It’s with me.  C. Here it is.  D. Let me show you.
(   )20.—How do you like the film?   —____.
A. No, I don’t like it.  B. The people and the music.  C. I like it very much.  D. Yes, I like it.
About 70,000,000 Americans are trying to lose weight. That is almost one out of every three people in the United States. Some people eat  1  food and they hardly have any fat or sweets. Others do running, exercise with machines, take medicines, or even have operations.  2  you can see losing weight is  3  work, and it will also cost a lot of money. But  4  do so many people in the United ?States want  to lose weight?
Many people in the United States worry about their looks. For many people, looking nice also means to be  5  . Other people worry about their health as many doctors  6  overweight is not good.
Most people want to find a faster and  7  way to take off fat, and books of this kind are very popular. These books tell people how to lose weight. Each year a lot of new books like these are  8  . Each one says it can easily help people take fat away.
Losing weight can be  9  . Some overweight people go to health centers, like Lac Costa in California. Men and women  10  several hundred dollars a day at these health centers. People live there for one week or two,  11  exercise, eating different foods. Meals there may be just a little. All this works for losing weight.
12  4 days on the programme, one woman called Mrs Warren lost 5 pounds. At $400 a day, she spent $320 to lose each pound. But she said she was still  13  to do so.
Health centers, books, medicines, operations, running and exercise machines all  14  a lot of money. So in the United States, losing weight may mean losing  15  , too.
(   )1.A. less  B. more  C. nice  D. fast
(   )2.A. For  B. So  C. Or  D. And
(   )3.A. good  B. useful  C. hard  D. easy
(   )4.A. why  B. what  C. how  D. when
(   )5.A. high  B. short  C. thin  D. fat
(   )6.A. talk  B. say  C. speak  D. tell
(   )7.A. dearer  B. harder  C. shorter  D. easier
(   )8.A. taken  B. given  C. written  D. copied
(   )9.A. cheap  B. expensive  C. easy  D. safe
(   )10.A. pay  B. cost  C. take  D. have
(   )11.A. making  B. taking  C. playing  D. using
(   )12.A. Before  B. In  C. After  D. At
(   )13.A. sorry  B. angry  C. sad  D. glad
(   )14.A. need  B. have  C. use  D. get
(   )15.A. health  B. time  C. food  D. money
Andy was a little country boy. He lived in the house on the side of a hill. There was a railroad track below the house and Andy often watched the train as it passed by.
One day, as Andy was crossing the track, he saw that there was something wrong with it. One of the rails seemed to be out of its place. Just then he heard a noise. Dear, dear! The train was coming! It would soon be there! He must try to stop it in some way.
Andy die not think of any danger to himself, but he ran and stood in the middle of the track, not far from the place where the rail was broken, and then he held out his arms and waited.
On and on came the train. The engineer saw the boy on the track and whistled for him to get out of the way. But Andy stood still and did not move.
The engineer had to stop the train. He was very angry as he cried out to the boy and asked him why he stood on track.
But when Andy pointed to the broken rail the man understood everything. Andy saved the train and the lives of all the people on it.
(   )1.When Andy was young, _____.
A. he often liked playing at the foot of the hill  
B. he often enjoyed listening to the click of rails
C. he often ran on the track up and down
D. he often watched the train pass by
(   )2.One day, as Andy went across the track, ____.
A. he thought there was something wrong with it   B. he saw the train was coming
C. he found one of the rails was broken          D. he heard a noise
(   )3.When the train was coming,____.
A. Andy ran to the train to stop it    B. Andy stood on the track to hold out his arms
C. Andy ran out of the track quickly  D. Andy cried out to the engineer
(   )4.As soon as the engineer saw the boy on the track,____.
A. he asked Andy why he stood there   B. he shouted at Andy
C. he asked Andy to get out of the way  D. he whistled for Andy to leave the track
(   )5.When Andy pointed to the broken rail,____.
A. the engineer got off the train and repaired it  
B. the engineer got very angry
C. the engineer understood why the boy tried to stop the train
D. the engineer came out to see what was the matter
According to a recent report from the UN, the world’s population continues to grow. It could reach 8.9billion in the year of 2025.
But during the past 10 years or so, a large rapid drop in the world’s birth rate(出生率) has taken place. Families generally(通常地) are smaller now than they were a few years ago. It is happening in both developing and developed countries.
China has already cut its rate of population growth by about one half since 1970. Each Chinese family is allowed to have no more than one child. And the hope is to reach a zero population growth rate by 2000.
Several countries in Europe already have a negative growth rate. Expert(专家) said that these countries would not have enough workers in the future. And the people who are working could face much higher taxes(税) to support the growing retirees(退休人员).
(   )1.In the past ten years,____.
A. there are fewer and fewer people  
B. the world’s population has not been growing as fast as it used to be
C. the world’s birth rate has risen
D. the number of people has grown up
(   )2.In china each family is allowed to have only one child so that ____.
A. the birth rate can be cut down  
B. half of the number of people has been cut down
C. the number of people has dropped by 1/2
D. each family is smaller
(   )3.A negative growth rate means ____.
A. the birth rate is unknown   B. the death rate is larger than the birth rate
C. the birth rate is to large    D. the birth rate is larger than the death rate
(   )4.In European countries ____.
A. not many people would like to work
B. how to support the retired would be a big problem
C. the people who are working would refuse to pay taxes
D. the retirees live on their families
(   )5.The underlined word “cut” in the third paragraph means ____ in Chinese.
A. 分割  B. 切  C. 伤害  D. 减少
It seems certain that cities in the future will have to change. They cannot go on developing as they are at present(目前). Because the world’s population is increasing, there will be more people in the cities of tomorrow. It may not be possible for any family to live in a house with land around it. There will not be enough space for this. An answer to this problem of space may be the skyscraper city. A plan for a city like this has been made by an engineer called Wilem Frischman. His idea is to build great skyscrapers. Each building would be three kilometers high. In this skyscraper city about 250,000 people would live. They would work and spend their free time in it. They would not need to leave the city unless they wanted to. They would be about to move about in the city by a transport system(运输系统) controlled(控制) by computers. Each skyscraper city would be joined to other skyscraper cities by underground tunnels(通道) One of the highest buildings in the world is the Empire State Building in New York. It is about 450 meters high. The skyscraper cities would be about seven times as high as it.
(   )1.Sdyscraper city means ____.
A. the city in the sky            B. the city made up of sky houses
C. the city made up of building   D. the very tall buildings
(   )2.What makes Wilem Frischman plan his skyscraper cities?
A. People living in cities want to live more comfortably.
B. People in the house will want skyscraper cities.
C. In the future there will not be enough space for cities like those of today.
D. This is the modern idea of building.
(   )3.Each skyscraper city should have ____.
A. about 350,000 people  B. about a million  
C. about 450,000 people  D. about 250,000 people
(   )4.The skyscraper would be ____.
A. 450 meters high  B. 3,600 meters high  C. 3,150 meters high  D. 250,000 meters high
(   )5.Which of the following is NOT true?
A. The world’s population in becoming less and less.
B. The skyscraper cities would be joined up by underground tunnels.
C. People in such cities could move freely.
D. Each skyscraper would be three kilometers high.
Mobile phone(手机) has become a problem for middle schools. Some middle schools in Australia have banned(禁止) students from carrying mobile phones during school hours.
Mobile phone use among children has become a problem for the school this year. Several children have got mobile phones as Christmas gifts, and more students will want them.
Mary Bluett, an official, said mobile phone use is a distraction(分心的事) to students during school hours and it also gives teachers so much trouble in their classroom. Teachers were also saying that sometimes students might use phone messages to cheat during exams.
She said some schools had tried to ban mobile phones. Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t get in touch with their children.
Many teaches said students should not have mobile phones at school, but if there was a good reason, they could leave their phones at school office. They also said there were many reasons why the students should not have mobile phones at school; they were easy to lose and were a distraction from studies.
Many people say that they understand why parents would want their children to have phones, but they think schools should let the students know when they can use their mobile phones.
(   )1.Some middle schools in Australia have banned students from carrying mobile phones ____.
A. because they are students   B. when they are free
C. when they are at school    D. because they are children
(   )2. We know from the passage that some children get mobile phones from ____.
A. the makers and sellers     B. the passes-by and strangers
C. their parents and friends   D. some mobile phone users
(   )3.What does the underlined word cheat mean in the passage?
A. 聊天  B. 核对  C. 查询  D. 作弊
(   )4.Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t ____ during school hours.
A. use their mobile phones         B. leave their mobile phones at school office
C. help the teachers with their work  D. get in touch with their children
(   )5.The passage tills us that ____.
A. students shouldn’t have mobile phone at school except for some special reasons
B. it is impossible to ban students from using mobile phones at school
C. some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t use their phones at school.
D. parents should teach their children how to use mobile phones during school hours
1970 was World Conservation(保护) Year. The United Nations  1  (want) everyone  2  (know) that the world was in danger. They hoped something could  3  (do).
Here is one example of the problem. At one time there  4  (be) 1,300 plants and flowers in Holland, but now only 866  5  (leave). The others have been destroyed(破坏) by modern man and his science. We  6  (change) the earth, the air and the water and everything around us now. We can’t live without these things. If things  7  (go) on like this, we shall destroy ourselves.
What  8  (happen) in the future? Perhaps it is more important to ask “What must we do?” More and more young people  9  (know) this already. Many of them are helping  10  (save) our world.
1.          2.           3.          4.          5.      
6.          7.           8.          9.          10.    


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