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unit4-5 —— 高二英语试题


Test for unit 4-5


1. The work __________ much patience.

A. calls at B. calls in C. calls for D. calls on

2 Mr. Brown, _________ money is no problem, has set up another company of his own.

A. who B. for whose C. for whom D. in which

3. _______the heavy rain, they kept on planning trees at the foot of the hill.

A. Although B. Though C In spite D. Despite

4. We all believe him _______ he said is true.

A. because B. because of C. because what D. because of what

5. It is said that air pollution has ________ the rise of the global temperature.

A. led into B. led to C. led D. led by

6. In _______, when he was in _______, he went to west to make money.

A. the 1950s; the 50s B. the 1950s;his 50s

C. 1950s; his 50s D. 1950s; the 50s

7. I sent 3 more people to help him ________ Tom.

A. beside B. except C. except for D. besides

8. ________ you do, you can not break the law.

A. No matter what B. What

C. No matter whatever D. Whatever do

9. Do you agree to his __________that all the trees on both sides of the road be cut for a good price.

A. idea B. thought C. plan D. suggestion

10. Tom, have you _____ your mid-term examination?

A. finished B. passed through C. got through D. succeeded to pass

11. Why _______accept his advice? It will do good to you.

A. / B. not C. to D. not to

12. Modern English ________ from about the middle of the 17th century.

A. appear B. came out C. came into being D. came up

13. He often read _______ the poor light, which made him near-sighted.

A. for B. by C. on D. under

14. John is taller than _________ in his class.

A. other student B. any students C. any other student D. any student

15. Your letter_______ the days when we worked together on the farm 20 years ago.

A. called back B. called up C. called in D. called for

16. When _________, the museum will be open to the public next year.

A. completed B. completing

C. being completed D. to be completed

17. _________ the end of the afternoon, it began to rain.

A. After B. Before C. Towards D. By

18. The pictures ________me of my school days at years ago.

A. inspired B. encouraged C. impressed D. reminded

19. __________in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him.

A. Losing B. Having lost C. Lost D. To lose

20. You should not smoke so much, for it will ________ lung disease.

A. cause to B. lead to C. make D. have

21. ________ in the rain, he had to phoned his secretary to cancel the meeting.

A. Catching B. Caught C. To catch D. Being caught

22. I’m not going. _________ I haven’t a ticket, and secondly I don’t like the play.

A. Start B. Begin to C. To start with D. To begin

23. That sweater was woven _______.

A. by the hand B. by hand C. by hands D. by their hands

24. If you don’t work hard in the university, when you graduate from it, I can’t _____ you to a decent job.

A. recommend B. inspire C. get D. make

25. Kate ________as a top student in painting.

A. looks out B. stands out C. works out D. finds out

26. Cleaning women in big cities usually get ________ by the hour.

A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay

27. When he returned home, he found the window open and something ________.

A. be missing B. losing C. missed D. stolen

28. All things _________, the planned trip will have to be called off.

A. considered B. be considered

C. considering D. having considered

29. Having traveled eight hours on end, we finally reached _______is now a big city.

A. which B. what C. where D. it

30. I kept looking at the man, wondering _________.

A. whether I have seen him before B. where I had seen him before

C. that I had seen him before D. when I had seen him before

31. It’s a common belief ________teenagers today know about computers and are familiar _______using them in all aspects of life.

A. that, out B. what, with C. that, with D. what, about

32. The question came up at the meeting _______we had enough money for our research.

A. that B. what C. which D. whether

33. _______ wants to see the film must buy a ticket first.

A. No matter who B. Anyone else C. Whoever D. Those who

34. The thought ________Lao Li would open a restaurant in Los Angeles surprised his wife.

A. that B. what C. whether D. if

35. The reason why I don’t want to go there was ________a new job.

A. because I got B. because of getting C due to D. that I got

36. ________lies east of China is known to us all.

A. Japan B. As Japan C. That Japan D. Why Japan

37. _______ people spend so much money on their pets _______us a lot.

A. That, surprises B. What, surprising

C. How, are surprised D. That, is surprised

38. Now that you have a job, you must do your best in _______you do at work.

A. however B. no matter what C. no matter how D. whatever

39. Mary said it was very important to her that she ________her work.

A. is liking B. like C. likes D. liked

40. ______all the inventions have in common is _______they have succeeded.

A. What; what B. That; that C. What; that D. That; what

41. The boy dived into the water and after _______seemed to be a long time, he came up again.

A. what B. that C. it D. which

42. There is a feeling in me ________we’ll never know what a UFO is ---not ever.

A. that B. which C. at which D. what

43. It was with great joy _______he received the news _______his lost son would soon return home.

A. because; that B. that; that C. because; which D. that;/

44. She has not yet answered the question______ you can depend on her.

A. if B. whether C. which D. what

45. Perseverance is a kind of quality---and that’s ______it takes to do anything well.

A. what B. that C. which D. why

46. It was not until dark ________he found _______he thought was the correct way to solve the problem.

A. that; what B. that; that C. when; that D. when; what

47. Professor Lee’s book will show you _______can be used in other fields.

A. that you have observed B. how that you have observed

C. how have observed D. how what you have observed

48. We believe ______you have been devoted to ______naturally of great necessity.

A. that; being B. all that; be C. that all; are D. what; is

49. The reason _________we don’t make friends with her is ________she is always rude to people.

A. why; why B. which; because C. why; that D. that; why

50. Can you swim ________the river?

A. over B. cross C. on D. across

51.The examination he paid no attention to ________him the chance to go to college.

A. being cost B. costing C. cost D. costs

52. Have you heard from Jack recently? Mother is anxious to know _______.

A. how everything is going B. how is everything going

C. what is everything going D. what everything is going

53. The gardens are _______to the public.

A. to open B. opened C. opening D. open

54.Great changes have taken place in our school. It is not ___it was three years ago.

A. that B. what C. which D. where

55. I didn’t know what _______.

A. is the matter B. the matter is C. was the matter D. a matter was

56. Believe it or not, this is ________in the world.

A. which I have B. that I have C. what I have D. whether I have

57. The two countries have finally _______, though some small differences still exist.

A. reached an agreement B. made a decision

C. settled down D. broken up

58. Can you tell me ________?

A. how do you think about the film B. what you think about the film

C. how do you like the film D. what you like the film

59. ______, what he has done is acceptable.

A. In generally B. General speaking

C. Generally D. Generally speak

60. It was not true _______he murdered the manager.

A. why B. what C. which D. that

61. We should ______ to make our team much stronger.

A. get together B. put together C. hold together D. walk together

62. Most of the population _______the farming.

A. lives on B. live on C. is busy with D. feed on

63. He can earn as ________as 4000 yuan a month.

A. many B. much C. high D. high pay

64. One of the two men held the view ______ the book said was right.

A. that what B. what that C. that D. whether

65. ---It’s getting late. I’m afraid I must be going now.

---OK. __________.

A. Take it easy B. Go slowly C. Stay longer D. See you

66. Let’s keep to the point or we ________any decisions.

A. will never reach B. have never reached

C. never reach D. never reached

67. ---How about eight o’clock outside the cinema?

---That ______me fine.

A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits

68. I like ______in the autumn when the weather is clear and bright.

A. this B. that C. it D. one

69. ----Why did you spend so much on this book?

----Well, this book is ______to the English beginners.

A. great help B. of very help C. a great help D of helpful

70. My mind wasn’t on what he was saying so I’m afraid I ________half of it.

A. was missing B. had missed C. will miss D. missed

71. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is ________I disagree.

A. why B. where C. what D. how

72. Mary kept weighing herself to see how much _____she was getting.

A. heavier B. heavy C. the heavier D. the heaviest

73. ---Can I look at the menu for a few more minutes before I decide?

---Of course. _______, sir.

A. Make yourself at home B. Enjoy yourself

C. It doesn’t matter D. Take your time

74. When first _______ to the market, these products enjoyed great success.

A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced

75. Would you like to come here ________?

A. the third time B. a third time C. twice D. two times

76. The evening news comes on at seven o’clock and ______ only thirty minutes.

A. keeps B. continues C. finishes D. lasts

77. You _______be tired ---you’ve only been working for an hour.

A. must not B. won’t C. can’t D. may not

78. I _______ you not to move my dictionary ---now I can’t find it.

A. asked B. ask C. was asking D. had asked

79.To enjoy the scenery, Irene would rather spend long hours on the train _______travel by air.

A. as B. to C. than D. while

80. The journey around the world took the old sailor nine months, _______the sailing time was 226 days.

A. of which B. during which C. from which D. for which

81. Reading is an experience quite different from watching TV; there are pictures ____in your mind instead of before your eyes.

A. to form B. form C. forming D. having formed

82. There are altogether eleven books on the shelf, _______five are mine.

A. on which B. in which C. of which D. from which

83. It shames me to say it, but I told a lie when ______at the meeting by my boss.

A. questioning B. having questioned

C. questioned D. to be questioned

84. The road is covered with snow. I can’t understand _______they insist on going by motor-bike.

A. why B. whether C. when D. how

85. Alice returned from the manager’s office, _______me that the boss wanted to see at once.

A. having told B. tells C. to tell D. telling

86. George Orwell, _______was Eric Arthur, wrote many political novels and essays.

A. the real name B. what his real name

C. his real name D. whose real name

87. Having been attacked by terrorists, ________.

A. doctors came to their rescue

B. the tall building collapsed

C. an emergency measure was taken

D. warning were given to tourists

88. Why! I have nothing to confess. ________you want me to say?

A. What is it that B. What it is that C. How is it that D. How it is that

89.Parents are taught to understand ________important education is to their children’s future.

A. that B. how C. such D. so

90. _______the programme, they have to stay there for another two weeks.

A. Not completing B. Not completed

C. Not having completed D. Having not completed

91. Of the making of good books there is not end; neither ______ any end to their influence on man’s lives.

A. there is B. there are C. is there D. are there

92. Helen always helps her mother even though going to school ____most of her day.

A. takes up B. makes up C. saves up D. puts up

93. He got to the station early, _______missing his train.

A. in case of B. instead of C. for fear of D. in search of

94. A man is being questioned in relation to the _______murder last night.

A. advised B. attended C. attempted D. admitted

95. _________is often the case, we have worked out the production plan.

A. Which B. When C. What D. As

96. Sales of CDs have greatly increased since the early 1990s, when people _______to enjoy the advantages of this new technology.

A. begin B. began C. have begun D. had begun

97. There was ______time _______I hated to go to school.

A. a; that B. a; when C. the; that D. the; when

98. You should try to get a good night’s sleep ______much work you have to do.

A. however B. no matter C. although D. whatever

99. Once a decision has been made, all of us should _________it.

A. direct to B. stick to C. lead to D. refer to

100. Linds worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing and Mining Company, _______as 3M.

A. knowing B. known C. being known D. to be known


1-5, CCDCB 6-10, BDADC 11-15,BCBCB 16-20,ACDCB

21-25,BCBAB 26-30,CDABB 31-35,CDCAD 36-40,CADBC

41-45,AABBA 46-50,ADDCD 51-55,CADBC 56-60,CABCD

61-65,CBBAD 66-70,ADCCD 71-75,BADBB 76-80,DCACA

81-85, CCCAD 86-90,DBABC 91-95,CACCD 96-100, BBABB


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